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Tropical Bonsai Nursery
started 20 years ago with a simple idea to make exotic plants available to everyone. We have succeeded in making rare and exotic plants fruit tree easy to purchase. Your fruit tree are delivered to your door ready to be planted and enjoyed.

We have 20 yrs of experience in nursery businness!
To achieve perfection, we use cutting to grow our tropical fruit trees, tropical flowers  and rare plants for home and garden potting plants.
All the tropical fruit trees, tropical flowers  we sell are raised and grown in the United State for numerous years, already adopted to the local weather.
Unlike regular sells in the market that uses all seeds for growing, we produce our tropical fruit trees, tropical flowers  by grafting and air layer, using these techniques,the unhealthy and common breeds will be eliminate and leave the best quality ones available for breeding.
Grafting and air layer also can assure the consistency of the great quality.
The tropical fruit trees , tropical flowers  has higher immunity and the flowers of the tropical fruit trees , tropical flowers blooms earlier and more often comparing to seed-grow fruit trees, so produce more fruits.By using grafting technique, all our tropical fruit trees , tropical flowers  and potted plants can blossom and bear fruits in five gallons to fifteen gallons pots.Follow by primer, lessen the unhealthy fruit on trees,and the right fertilizers can make store quality fruits that are good enough for selling.
All the prices of our tropical fruit trees, tropical flowers . Flowering Trees | Exotic Plants Online  are reasonable and the quality is unquestionable. If there's any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call or an e-mail, we will be more than happy to answer any questions regarding our products.

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