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Flowers and Fruit Trees :

  • Plant immediately upon recieve. Trees soak in water for 2 minutes.
  • Immediately remove ALL fruit and half of the leaves. All Plants should be grown in containers. The size of the pot depends on the size of the tree. For example, a 3' tree with a 1 inch truck should not be planted in a pot larger than a 5 gallon pot.
  • All pot must have holes at the bottom for water to leak out.
  • Use only Potting Soil. Preferably without an added substance like manure.
  • Cover the entire plant (i.e. all foliage including any branches and the trunk) with clear plastic. It keeps the moisture from escaping.
  • After three weeks, slowly expose the plant to the outside by slowly ripping apart the plastic over a two week period.
  • DO NOT FERTILIZE! You will not need to fertilize until at least one month after establishment.
  • Place newly planted trees in a shady area. Preferably half sun.
  • Water thoroughly every other day in summer and once a week in winter. If plant has no leave, water once a week.
    Since most plants are bare-root* (*does not have any roots), it will take about a month for the plants to be established*(*grow new leaves and roots). Once established, plants maybe planted in ground (if weather permits).


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